20th Anniversary Model



What’s so special about the 20th Model?  Tread-3

    • The all aluminum RHA-350 body. Just look at its precision lines, flush door finish, convenient steps and running boards, welds that look like stacks of dimes and rugged treadplate deck.
    • Its hand-laid paint job and attention to detail rivals or exceeds those shot by robots in both luster and durability.
    • The cargo surface is 6 ½ feet (78 inches) wide by 9 1/3 feet (112 inches) long providing enough space to lay a king size mattress flat and it comes standard with six tie down rings.
    • The exterior storage compartments provide 20 cubic feet of closed storage space.

IMG 0803

     This space is subdivided as follows.


Driver's Side:

    • Behind the cab, at the forward end of the body is 18.5"H x 44"W x 17.5”D, providing 8.24 cu. ft. of space.
    • Behind the wheel well, is a single door compartment, 18.5"H X 9.75”W x 17.5"D, providing 1.83 cu. ft. of space.


Passenger's Side:

    • Behind the cab, at the forward end of the body is 18.5"H x 44"W x 17.5”D, providing 8.24 cu. ft. of space.
    • Behind the wheel well, is a single door compartment, 18.5"H X 9.75”W x 17.5"D, providing 1.83 cu. ft. of space.

IMG 9027

Fabrication & Exterior

    The SportChassis body sub-frame consistsof .125 extrudedaluminum tubing mounted to 1X3 inch solid aaluminum sleeper rails. The sub-frame is spaced and reinforced in such a manner as to maximize carrying capacity while providing a near perfect surface for exterior skin attachment.

     All body cutouts for lighting installation, jambs and doors, compartments and fender openings have no sharp edges or burrs, and are cut so that edges have a machine finish. By using CNC technology, consistent tolerance of 0.004” is maintained for absolute quality and maximum redundancy. This means if your vehicle is ever damaged, any blemished aaluminum part can be replaced with its exact replica.

     Each SportChassis compartment is CNC-routed and break formed to ensure tight tolerances and the utmost durability.  The body compartment doors are constructed using .125 aluminum skins fastened to extruded frames and mounted in counter-extruded jambs. This allows our door to be flush with the body side skin when closed. 

     Stainless steel piano-type hinges run the full height of the door frame. As protection from the effects of electrolysis and galvanic corrosion, each exterior door has an inert barrier strip installed between the hinge strap and the door jamb.  Each door is gasketed with a closed-cell neoprene gasket completely encircling the door with an unbroken seal. The seal does not come in contact with the striker pins, latches or hinges, which prevents the intrusion of moisture and/or dust into the compartments when the doors are closed.  The body side skins are .125 smooth aluminum and are cut using CNC technology. Further, each side skin is attached to the sub-frame using aircraft technoligies.

SCP 3     To mate the skins to the frame work, SportChassis features a unique jig and trolley system. This means that the tubing is always square and that the welds, inner and outer, are applied and inspected at eye level. This insures a construction and weld quality second to none.

     Once the bed is complete, it moves to the paint shop where computer-mixed materials are applied in an acclimated paint booth by some of the best finish artists in the business. The process ensures that finishes are consistent to mil specs and hold both their adhesion and luster for years of quality service.


Quality Assurance

     After leaving the paint shop, it’s time for another full inspection and detailing. Ensuring that all components, installation, and materials exceed exception is a core mission of the Quality Assurance department. This staff of experienced professionals drawn from all areas of manufacturing process and possess the hands-on knowledge and expertise to recognize any problem or imperfection and eliminate it.  Additional customization and branding finish out process including road tests, electronic shakedown, and that personal touch that concludes the journey from chassis to SportChassis.




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