"Limited Edition" Model



   This year we are proud to announce our twentieth year as the industry leading developer of cross country hauler trucks.   In a market where only the strong survive, we have proudly achieved two decades of innovation and steady growth.  The SportChassis product line has evolved considerably over the past 20 years in terms of design and application, yet the products themselves remain true to their core design values: hard-working, dependable and stylish.


   Introducing our 20th Anniversary Edition! Numerous upgrades to the stylish interior combined with the iconic look of our new grille, this beast of a pickup is a real attention grabber. Now with our unbelievable 15 year financing terms (available with approved credit) and the best pricing our market has seen in years, that dream of owning the finest truck on the planet can now come true. $114,995 is all it takes to own the only pickup built to last a lifetime. Contact one of our dealers today http://sportchassis.com/dealers/map and arrange a test drive - you will be glad you did! 
 For more information please contact one of our dealerships or go to 
www.sportchassis.com/20 to find out more.


  We began truck manufacturing operations in 1997 when we developed the first aluminum body hauler bed, designed for a heavy-truck frame.  This new model, known as the Ranch Hauler, with its sleek aluminum fuel tank covers and iconic design began leading the industry in an entirely new direction!  Our company vision to build the finest line of heavy duty pickups in the world has pushed the standards of a cross country hauler to new heights. 


   Thank you to all of our customers and fans!