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Luxury in a work truck?
You bet your bottom dollar!! As an owner, you have worked diligently to provide a top notch service to your customers, and let’s face it, you deserve to ride in style. Finally, there is a work truck that suits your appetite for comfort. 
Introducing the new SportChassis Packages available on the Freightliner M2 and SD chassis.  Luxury solutions are available to fit in both the M2 106 and the M2 112, as well as; the 108 SD and the 114 SD chassis, addressing the needs for the day cab and the crew cab versions of each. SportChassis produces the finest line of luxury class modifications to the M2 platform and has for the last 12 years. Often tagged as the industry leader, SportChassis has a long standing reputation for setting the industry standards in luxury, safety, comfort, quietness and innovative styling. With standards such as push to start, interior insulation, engineered sound deadening packages and luxury Bostrom SportChassis seating, the SportChassis interior is unlike anything on the market today. As with every current SportChassis build, SportChassis matches the basic vehicle warranty. So your customers are covered with piece of mind as well as comfort.
Each Freightliner dealer has a list of additional options that will not only make your truck more comfortable, but will also help you work smarter. Many available options were taken out of our emergency vehicle line as well as the exterior upgrades to help set your trucks apart. 
For the first time ever, you do not have to own a SportChassis to enjoy the creature comforts that you have earned and desire.  The new SportChassis Packages will make any Freightliner M2 or SD into your very own “Boss” truck. Contact your local Freightliner dealer to ask how you can upfit the truck of your dreams.