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FlipDown 14.5 LCD Television

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Probably not something you will be hearing when you have option.  Listen to whatever you want on the stereo while the rear passengers enjoy their favoriate movie via wiereless headphones and rear controlls.  Our custom fitted television monitor folds down out of the center console and is visible to and controlled from the rear bench seat.  15.2" Active Matrix Display 16:9 Wide ScreenFormat Built-in Wireless IR Headphone Transmitter with Stereo Input (2.3MHz/2.8MHz), Full Menu Control Buttons with On screen Display and remote controll.  Unit comes wquipped tith a fully functional remote controll and a pair of infered wireless headphones. 

Aspect Ratio: 14:9, 16:9;

Screen Size: 15.4 inch; Broadcasting Standard: NTSC, PAL; Type: LCD (TFT Active
Matrix); Mounting: Roof; Screen Brightness: 400 cd/m²; Maximum Resolution:
1,280 (H) x 854 (V) pixels; Remote Control: Standard; Image Control: OSD
Controls; Input Connectors: AV x 2; Additional Features: Dome Lights; Depth:
14.2 in.; Height: 1.8 in.; Width: 14.6 in.

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