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Tire Pressure Monitor System

Technology, Freshest & Newest Sensors

We are currently shipping systems that offer PressurePro's latest feature,
"High Tire Temperature Warning". In addition, we purchase direct
from PressurePro and carefully time purchases so sensors are warehoused less
than 30 days, ensuring long battery life. We are currently shipping sensors
that feature PressurePro's new, high-temperature casing that is suitable for
virtually any commercial and industrial application.


PressurePro's Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) gives the operator
detailed information about his or her tires. The large, easy-to-read LED
display allows the driver to check the current pressure of all his tires at
the touch of a button. In the event of deviation from required pressure, the
system will issue an audible and visual alert on the in-cab display. These
alerts occur at a 12.5% and 25% deviation from the desired cold


• PressurePro™ provides an alert when pressure is low, adding greater safety for you and your vehicle.

- Peace of mind knowing that your tires, your only contact with the road, are inflated properly for optimum performance and handling.

- Monitor displays current tire pressures for all tires.

- Tire pressure is constantly monitored, while moving or parked.

- PressurePro alerts to dangerous low-pressure situations with both a visual and an audible alert.

- Two thresholds of low tire pressure warnings - a double threshold of safety.

- Greater stability, handling and braking with tires properly inflated. Tires with low air pressures skid and hydroplane more easily.

- Each year 80,000 accidents are attributed to low tire pressure.



• PressurePro™ assists in lowering maintenance costs, reducing fuel use and saving tire tread.

- Properly inflate