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cummis isl9     When you are choosing which SportChassis is right for you there are two options for the engine, Power and More Power.  First you have the Cummins ISL9 350HP, which puts out 1050 lb/ft of torque.  This engine mount sits on a class 5 chassis.  Then you have our big block, the optional Detroit Diesel DD13, a 450HP engine producing 1650 lb/ft of pure torque.  All 450hp models are outfitted on a larger class 7 chassis which is equiped with air brakes, which may require a CDL drivers license.DetroitDiesel DD13 label

     All SportChassis models feature a common-rail fuel delivery system and Cool Side EGR.  With a Variable Geometry (VG) turbocharger it provides an additional 133 BHP at 2200 RPM.  Every SportChassis model is driven by an Allison TRV push button transmission that operates with ease.  The RHA-350 uses the Allison TRV 3200 while the RHA-450 uses the beefier Allison TRV 4000, both designed to get the most use out of your truck owning experience.  Speak with your salesperson about which configuration is right for you; or, give us a call here at the factory and let us steer you in the right direction.



Available Engines 

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