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Custom Wheel Package


This is one option that is really worth considering if you are the type who just
wants your truck to realy pop! Triple chrome plating and our signature design
really gives this wheel a sharp feature to any of our hauler models. If you are
looking for one option that will make your SportChassis stand out than this is

The SportChassis Chrome Plated Aluminum Wheel First of its kind! If you take a closer
look at most of the production level wheels on the market you will find that
they have no Department Of Transportation stamp of approval. Every component of
each SportChassis must meet D.O.T standards. Therefore, we found it necessary to
create a custom wheel of our own and took the necessary steps to get the
approval of the Department of Transportation. Our custom SportChassis Chrome
Plated wheel is the only Production Level O.E.M. approved Product of its size!


CNC Milled Aluminum

Triple Chrome plating

10 Hole/Lug Hub Piloted 8.25X2.25

Universal – same design on both sides