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Moose Guard Bumper

This replacement bumper is designed to provide maximum protection and to withstand the demands of the diverse and often harsh environments they are exposed to.  We dont just call it a Moose Guard for fun. 

High-strength aluminum frames
that are hand-crafted and installed on large commercial trucks to protect
against collisions with wild or domestic animals.

Our premium products have allowed truckers to survive
high speed collisions with moose, deer, and horses and still to complete their

The grille guard protection design is focused on limiting
damage to the radiator thereby reducing the chance of the vehicle being

Built usig marine grade extruded 6063-T5 aluminum alloy
in the manufacture of its products. The 6000 Series is known for its corrosion
resistance, strength, surface quality while offering excellent formability in a
heat-treatable alloy with exceptional mechanical properties.

Moose Guards are exceptionally strong and provide protection for the vehicle while minimizing downtime.

While strength provides rigidity, our Grille Guard's effectiveness is achieved by engineer