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Tanneu Style Pickup Bed Cover

A dramatic low-profile expanse of gleaming fiberglass with the custom fit and reliable performance that made LEER famous, now including a convenient rear-mounted Flip-Lock Handle with Rotary Latches, Gas Props with Adjustable SuperLift Assist, LEER 4-Bar Hinges, and a front-mounted FlexSeal. Headliner, Interior Lighting and Keyless Remote Unlock are available as factory-installed options.

• No-Hole Installation

• Rear-Mounted LEER Flip-Lock Handle

• Automotive-Style Rotary Latches

• Flex-Seal Front Rail Bed Protection

• LEER 4-Bar Articulating Hinge System

• LEER Adjustable SuperLift Assist

• Custom Fit Low-Profile Design

• Inside Release

• Trimless, Finished Edges

• LEER Logo Pull Down Strap

• Dupont Automotive Paint

• Standard Installation Clamps