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Train Horns

HornBlasters Classic 4-Piece Train Horn (HB4H)

This four piece train horn kit is
simply the loudest in its class. They not only have a genuine locomotive train
sound but they even sound at 148db at only 100PSI. These horns are constructed
of fiberglass reinforced ABS plastic which is lightweight and extremely
durable. Without an adjoining manifold, the horns can be installed separately
so they fit almost anywhere on pretty much every car or truck. The horns also
feature power air flow technology that allows them to use very little air to
create a loud sound, and let you honk the horn for longer.



-Lightweight & Extremely Loud
-Durable Fiberglass Reinforced ABS Plastic Body
-Stainless Steel Diaphragm
-All-inclusive Brass Fittings Set
-Standard Mounting Hardware
-Made in the U.S.A.

Horns:   Shocker 4 Train Horns

Material:   High-Impact ABS

Length:   -12.75 in (323.85 mm)

              -14.75 in (374.65 mm)

              -16.25 in (412.75 mm)

              -19.5 in (495.3 mm)

Flare:   5 in (127 mm)

Weight:   4.5 lbs (114.3 mm)

Fitting Size:   1/8 in NPT (M)

Valve:   SMC 1/4in Air Valve

Body Material:   Brass

Port Size:   1/4 in

Orifice Size:   10mm;

Cv:   2.0

Minimum PSI:   3 PSI

Maximum PSI:   217 PSI

Volts:   12

Tubing:   5/16 in Nylon Tubing

Outer Diameter:   5/16 in

Inner Diameter:   3/16 in

Minimum Bend Radius:   48mm

Max. Operating Pressure:   217 PSI @ 68° F

Minimum Burst Pressure:   650 PSI