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Voyager Right Side View Super CMOS Color Cameras


Working with our multi-camera monitors, the Voyager VCMS36R
Right Side View Super CMOS Color Cameras deliver real time images of the
vehicle's surroundings that aid drivers in changing lanes, merging, and making
wide turns. It also allows drivers the ability to see beyond the normal scope
of vision provided by conventional mirrors. This CMOS Camera is
"anti-blooming", which means the bright areas that can appear around
images are eliminated, thus making the Super CMOS cameras more effective in high
bright (daytime) and low light (night time) environments! Designed for maximum
aerodynamics, this camera is easily mounted to any flat surface. NOTE: VCMS36R
Side View Cameras are for the Vehicle's Right Side.

Specifications for the Voyager Right Side View Super CMOS
Color Cameras

Weight (Lbs) 1

Overall Dimensions 1.65"
W x 1.83" H x 3.32" D

Weight (Lbs): 1

Overall Dimensions: 1.65"
W x 1.83" H x 3.32" D

Camera Type: CMOS

B&W or Color: Color

Rear or Side: Side

Power System: 12VDC

Waterproof: Yes

Viewing Angle (degree) 101

IR LED Low Light Enhancement: Yes

Built-in Microphone: No

Video Output Signal Format: NTSC

Sensor (Inches) : 1/4

Shutter Electronic:

Image Orientation: Mirror

Impact Resistant Plastic Housing: Yes

Machined Aluminum Body: Yes

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