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XL Tire&Wheel Package

Self-cleaning, open-shoulder tread design features offset elements to help enhance traction and floatation capabilities.

Stable block design helps ensure a consistent footprint, even in free-rolling positions, to help deliver smooth, even wear and a quiet ride.

Deep, application-specific compounds help provide resistance to aggressions and abrasion common in off-road service.

Full-width steel belts and elastic protector ply help protect the casing against shocks, bruising and penetrations.

Loaded Radius:     20.6

Overall Diameter:     44.8"

Overall Width:     16.6"

RPM:     467

Tread Depth (32nds):

Max Speed (mph)

Max Load Per Tire Single lbs./psi:

Max Load Per Tire Dual lbs./psi:

Tire Weight:     214.5lbs

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